About Me

Noman Riffat

IMG_20140729_091602-220x150I did Bachelors in Networking from COMSATS WAH in 2012. After 2 semesters I realized that I had no interest in Networking but Computer Science aka Coding. Still I completed my Networking so I at least have a graduation badge. Once I saw someone’s defaced page on my Facebook wall which brought me to hacking. It is more interesting to learn when you have no one to teach you.

Being immature, I wasted my 2,3 years in defacing websites aka blackhat stuff and I literally paid for it I was temporarily rusticated from my own university for hacking into my university’s main portal. I learned a lot from this incident which turned me into a whitehat.

Now I am a professional Security Expert and self employed working on Upwork (Formerly oDesk and Elance). I’ve been in this field since last more than 4 years. During this time I have worked with above 200 clients and cleaned their thousands of sites off malwares, backdoors, pharma hack and JS code injection etc.

My areas of expertise are :

  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • YII
  • Removing Malwares/Backdoors from any kind of CMS or custom based sites
  • Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration Testing

Didn’t dedicated too much time in bug bounty programs but found a bug in cPanel accidentally while working on a client’s site and so I was included in their Hall of Fame.
In my spare time, I am found on Google Product Forums helping people whom sites are infected with malwares and other hacks.

If you ever got hacked, got infected with malwares/backdoors, adwares, pharma hack, afraid of getting hacked or you simply want to test Security of your website, i.e., Penetration Testing then you can feel free to contact me any time.

Here are my Freelancing Profiles